IELTS Speaking Test Tips

Xuất bản 17/08/2015 Here are 3 IELTS Speaking Test Tips for part 1 of the test. Remember, these tips will not help you if you don't apply them. Don't make the mistake of saying as much as possible when you answer part 1 questions. Two or three questions for each answer is acceptable. If you give much longer answers it shows that you don't understand what is expected in the test. Just answering the question is not enough, you are required to give extra information about your answer. Think about saying why, where, when or how often you do something. Practice makes perfect. Reading tips and taking notes and writing answers won't help you much for the IELTS speaking test if you don't practice speaking. Practice answering a wide range of part 1 questions out loud and if possible record yourself and listen to your answers.
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