IELTS Introduction, Steps for High Scores: What, Why and How

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Xuất bản 17/08/2015
An explanation to the IELTS exam by This video explains what is the IELTS exams, why the IELTS exam is so popular and why you need to score high on the exam, as well as how the exam is conducted and how you need to prepare. Check out Facebook at The first step to be confident and stress free preparing and doing the IELTS exam is to know as much information as possible about the test. The goal of this IELTS introduction is to give the basic information about the two versions of the test, the General and the Academic IELTS. Follow the steps in the video, especially paying attention to scheduling and right materials to ensure the best chance for strong scores over 6.5 and even 7. Also, follow us on Twitter @aehelp
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