What good teaching materials should do: Part 2 - Grammar - Jeanne McCarten

Xuất bản 15/08/2015
In this webinar series, we consider the most useful features to look for in teaching materials, and how these features can positively impact your students' learning experiences. In Part 2 of the series, we will focus on features of classroom materials that can contribute to the effective learning of grammar. For example, using inductive techniques to convey grammar rules is likely to improve a student's retention of grammar patterns. Highlighting common grammatical errors may help improve students' performances in tests, as will differentiating between written and spoken grammar. Jeanne McCarten, one of the authors of Touchstone, will consider various factors that can usefully contribute to the effective teaching and learning of grammar in English. This webinar is one of a number of English Language Teaching webinars from Cambridge University Press. Find out more at: http://www.cambridge.org/gb/elt/news/
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