Talking about phobias in English - Advance English speaking lesson

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Xuất bản 13/08/2015
Talking about phobias in English - Advance English speaking lesson Take the test : Phobias are irrational fear of things and situations which can be a danger but not really harmful. We will learn the most common phobias that people have. Nyctophobia : Fear of night or darkness. It's more imaginary danger concealed by darkness. Acrophobia: Fear of Heights, Its different from vertigo Agoraphobia: Fear of being in crowded places like the markets, malls, airports or even vast open spaces. People with this kind of phobia feel suffocated in such crowded places. Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders Claustrophobia : Fear of being in closed, small spaces Bathophobia : Fear of depth such as stairways , caves etc Iatrophobia : Fear of doctors Gamophobia : Fear of marriage or commitment to a relationship. Phasmophobia: Fear of ghosts and evil spirits. Xenophobia: Fear of strangers or foreigners.
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