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IELTS Speaking Practice Test Questions 66. English Exam Preparation Help Series.

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Xuất bản 13/08/2015
Download the app: Or search for 'Speak English! Practice videos' It's free! (Spoken English Exam Preparation Help Series) If you just need reading, writing and speaking practice tests to do IELTS preparation at home, please visit: If you're in Sydney and need a General IELTS tutor, please visit: If you're not in Sydney and need an online tutor elsewhere in the world, I recommend you visit IELTS speaking practice tests questions videos. Use these short videos to practice for your IELTS speaking test. For the best effect, don't watch or listen to the video until you're ready to answer the questions. You must be surprised by the questions so that you can have some feeling as to what the real test would be like. To help everyone, why not try and answer one of the questions in the comments. Use a comment box for each question. You could also reply to other comments with your own suggestions on how to answer the question chosen. IELTS speaking tests are conducted in slightly different ways around the world. In the real test the examiner will probably do things like test his tape recorder to record you, hand you other materials, ask you questions more specific to you etc so please see these Youtube videos as another thing you can use to practice for your speaking test. I hope you enjoy them. - Neil James
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