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Xuất bản 13/08/2015 - Learn English Through Song El Condor Pasa - Simon and Garfunkle. Learn English Through Song helps English Second Language (ESL) students study speaking, conversation, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and grammar. It's for anyone who enjoys learning to speak English with media arts. Also, free song lyrics and practice exercises are available for download on site. Studying in this karaoke kind of way is fun! Lessons improve speaking skills in dialogs, pronunciation, listening comprehension and sentence structure. Learn to speak, practice listening, develop vocabulary or just sing along like karaoke but have fun as you study! SPECIAL OFFER - ENGLISH CONVERSATION PROGRAM * My Award-Winning "Speak English Here And Now" ESL program is now only $9.95 for all 30 Units. Learn important English Conversation Rules & the Right Things To Say in male and female dialogs to make you an interesting and popular English Speaker. Hundreds of speaking tips. Easily works in a browser. FREE LESSONS OF SPECIAL ENGLISH LESSON PROGRAMS - Only $9.95! Learn English With A Classic Movie - 1040 English Vocabulary Lessons in Subtitles Speak English Here And Now - Dialogs, Conversation Rules, habits native speakers use Jane's Smart Dictionary: 6500 Words That English Examinations Love, great for exams Always enjoyable programs! - Teacher Frank Related English Language Studies: พูด ภาษาอังกฤษ การสนทนา 发言 英语 谈话 hablar Inglés comversation 말하다 영어 대화 nói tiếng Anh cuộc trò chuyện 話す 英語 会話 parler Anglais conversation बोलना अंग्रेजी बातचीत التحدث باللغة الإنجليزية المحادثة الإنجليزية говорить Английский разговор falar Inglês conversa mówić Angielski rozmowa
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