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The Handbook of Japanese Verbs ―日本語動詞総覧―

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Xuất bản 14/08/2015
A guide designed to master the most essential verbs of the Japanese language. Containing over 2,800 verbs, this comprehensive reference book equips learners with the knowledge necessary to live and work in Japanese society. Inside you will find: - 2800 Japanese verbs from basic and beyond the JLPT N1 - Over 4300 English definitions and expressions - 2600 Japanese sentences with English translations - Japanese and Chinese readings of over 1000 kanji - Japanese ⇄ English Dictionary - Japanese Thesaurus with over 4100 synonyms to target verbs - Nouns, adjective and adverbs which colorfully compliment verbs in practical use - Review sections to test reading ability - An overview section to test ability to recall vocabulary - Verb conjugation charts for quick reference of all tenses - Practice charts to gauge writing ability Purchase at or Amazon ( Try the Pilot Edition on Amazon Kindle and Printed formats (! The Handbook of Japanese Verbs (sample PDF excerpts) - ------------------------------------ Song: Kasbo - Horizon Kasbo on Soundcloud:
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