New Real TOEIC Test - Part 4 | English Listening Test With Answers & Transcript

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TRANSCRIPT Questions 71-73 refer to the following recorded message. Thank you for calling the Gold Music Library. If you know the extension of the party you would like to reach, you may dial It at any time. Our regular hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Access to our special archives can be arranged by contacting John Beth at extension 25. If you’d like to leave a message for our administrative office, please, wait for the beep and then begin speaking. Thank you. Questions 74-76. Do you like Asian food? Then, you will love Shanghi House. Located at 66 Heys Street. Drop in at lunch time for special Vietnamese dishes; fresh summer rolls, spicy soups, vegetables and meats. For dinner, how about world famous Italian cooking with traditional Vietnamese spices? But what really sets the Shanghi House apart is the atmosphere. Tables are inside a tropical beach house setting; open and breezy with wooden ceiling fans; complete with a life-sized sailboat in the main dining room. We hope that you’ll stop by soon. Questions 77-79. Good morning. I want to make an announcement before we start the meeting. New carpeting will be installed on the second floor of the building starting on (...) Questions 80-82. Attention Food Supply shoppers. This is your Food Market Manager, Rose Pitt, alerting you to some fantastic deals we have for you this afternoon. In our fruits section, delicious red apples are just a dollar a kilogram. Also customers with a Food Supply Shoppers Card, can purchase New Crunch breakfast cereal at half price. Don’t miss out on the savings in our drinks aisle, where we are offering all customers a discount on six packs of Spring Fresh Mineral Water. And remember to pick up your complimentary shopping bag before you leave. It’s our way of thanking you for shopping with us. Questions 83-85. Beginning next week we’ll be upgrading the company’s telephone messaging system. The new system will include some features that should help us communicate more efficiently, especially on group projects. Keep in mind that messages stored on the old system won’t be transferred to the new one, so it’s important for everyone to take time to review all your saved messages by the end of this week, otherwise you might lose important information. The installation work will be completed by the end of the month. Questions 86-88. Good morning everybody, and welcome to Fundamentals of Management. I’m Susan Jung and I’ll be your instructor for this twelve-week course. Each week, we’ll cover a different aspect of business management. Some of the topics we’ll study include creating and maintaining a department budget, resolving conflicts among your staff and positively motivating your employees. You’ll have weekly reading assignments in our textbook, “Better Business Management”, which are occasionally supplemented with magazine and journal articles as well as websites I think you’ll find interesting. Of course, I figure over the next twelve weeks you'll leam the most from classroom discussions with your classmates who are all experienced business professionals at various stages of their careers. That’s the real value of taking a course like this. Questions 92-94. As we walk through the hall, please direct your attention to the woodwork around the doorways. Hand-carved embellishments add a special antique charm to each entryway. Modem renovations, such as the newly-installed fire doors and security locks have been incorporated with great care, to preserve the unique historical features. Now, we’ll move upstairs to the rooms on the second floor. Questions 95-97. This announcement is for hospital personnel. Parking area 1 will be closed today between 12 o’clock and 2 p.m so that snow pilots can clear away ice and snow. You may park In either parking area 2 or 3 which has already been cleared. You may also park in available spaces at Flint Pharmacy or behind the Love Health Clinic. The weather is getting colder, with more precipitation in the form of snow or snow rain tonight and continuing through tomorrow, travelers are advised to watch for icy patches on the roads. We will keep you updated on weather conditions as well as parking regulations. Questions 98-100. Here is the community arts calendar for the week of August 10th. This Saturday Clinton Township band will be performing at Groves Auditorium. Highlights of the evening include Bach's solo piano and Chopin’s concerto in E minor. This Sunday, the Youth Arts Center will sponsor a visit to the city art museum. Interested young artists should call 344-ARTS for details. Early American crafts will be the focus of the monthly lecture in the university hall. The lecture is open to the public and begins at 7 pm on Tuesday. ---- CORRECT ANSWERS 71.D -72.B -73.C -74.B -75.C -76.A -77.B -78.A -79.D -80.A -81.D -82.C -83.C -84.A -85.C -86.D -87.B -88.C -89.C -90.A -91.D -92.B -93.C -94.B -95.D -96.C -97.A -98.D -99.D -100.A
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