Learn English Through Stories Subtitles The Phantom of the Opera Level 1

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learn english through stories and with subtitles: A Kiss Before Dying level 4, learn to speak english. Don't forget like, comment, share and subscribe - thank you. Short description: Upon learning that his girlfriend is pregnant, a young man cold-bloodedly adjusts his plans for marrying into a wealthy industrialist family. Throughout his life he has used his intelligence, striking good looks, and as a last resort, his ruthless and violent strength to achieve his goals. He refuses to be stopped now―especially by something as trivial as a pregnant girlfriend. Short description: Dartmoor. A wild, wet place in the south-west of England. A place where it is easy to get lost, and to fall into the soft green earth which can pull the strongest man down to his death. A man is running for his life. Behind him comes an enormous dog - a dog from his worst dreams, a dog from hell. Between him and a terrible death stands only one person - the greatest detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. Short description: It is 1880, in the Opera House in Paris. Everybody is talking about the Phantom of the Opera, the ghost that lives somewhere under the Opera House. The Phantom is a man in black clothes. He is a body without a head, he is a head without a body. He has a yellow face, he has no nose, he has black holes for eyes. Everybody is afraid of the Phantom - the singers, the dancers, the directors, the stage workers . . . But who has actually seen him? Short description: When men find gold in the frozen north of Canada, they need dogs - big, strong dogs to pull the sledges on the long journeys to and from the gold mines. Buck is stolen from his home in the south and sold as a sledge-dog. He has to learn a new way of life - how to work in harness, how to stay alive in the ice and the snow . . . and how to fight. Because when a dog falls down in a fight, he never gets up again. Short description: When a large plane is hijacked, the Prime Minister looks at the list of passengers and suddenly becomes very, very frightened. There is a name on the list that the Prime Minister knows very well - too well. There is someone on that plane who will soon be dead - if the hijackers can find out who he is! And there isn't much time. One man lies dead on the runway. In a few minutes the hijackers will use their guns again. And the Prime Minister knows who they are going to kill. Tag: through stories,learn english through stories with subtitles,learn english through stories,learn english with subtitles story,learn english through story,English Language (Language In Fiction),english stories for learning english,learn english for kids,learn english vocabulary,story to learn english,Subtitle,Level 3 Communications (Business Operation),Skyjack!,Skyjack! (Level 3),Through, study english,through stories,listen english,learn english through stories,speaking english,cunyeu,
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