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English is the international language and under stood all over the world. Here we upload how to better spoken english , IELTS Spoken English. Hope so this video improved your English conversation. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgSt5NOCrY47LrZW_KNGooA Learn English Conversation is a free Channel for English learners. You will find free English vocabulary Videos, English grammar Videos, English exercises and English lessons. Thousands of English Videos are waiting for you. They will help you learn English. Hello. Do you need help with your listening skills in English? I think you may do. Today, I'm going to teach you how to improve your listening skills. But it's going to be fun because you're going to do it when you go shopping. Who likes shopping? Good. Okay. Shopping. Wow, I'm so excited. So you're going to go shopping. You're going to improve your listening skills, and -- three in one today. It's on sale -- you're going to learn how to understand all those native speakers. So crazy. Don't understand. So if you go shopping or you actually buy something, you have to go to a cashier. Or if you're going shopping for food, you're going to go to the checkout. Now, in my city of Toronto, our lovely government has put a five-cent tax on a simple plastic bag. So if I want a bag, I now have to pay five cents. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Ronnie. Five cents?" And I say, "Yes. Five cents. One nickel. There's a beaver on it. I'm not going to give the government five cents. It's my five cents. I will put things in my pocket and carry it in my shirt before I give someone five cents." Yes. Yes. I am that cheap. So when you go shopping, especially at a grocery store in Toronto, they're going to ask you this question. They're going to say, "Doya wanna bag?" "What? Yes. Yes. Sure. I don't know. Okay." "Jim bag?" "Jim bag? I'm not Jim. What? Hang on. What?" You have no idea what this person said to you, and they're standing there like -- what's happening? So I know, probably, automatically, you would say, "Yes." Five cents right out of your pocket -- gone. Maybe you need five bags. That, ladies and gentlemen, is 25 cents. You get more of those, that's one dollar. That's a lot of money for Ronnie. So what they really are saying to you -- but they speak so quickly, and they are native speakers -- is "Do you want a bag"? Or, "Do you need a bag?" But, of course, they don't say, "Do you need a bag? Do you want a bag?" They're going to say this, "Doya wanna bag?" "Doya wanna bag?" Your turn. "Doya wanna bag?" You say, "No. I brought my own bag, thank you." Or they might use the verb "need". It's the same idea, except instead of saying "wanna", they're going to say "needa". So they're going to say, "Doya needa bag?" "Doya needa bag?" "Do you need a bag?" No. They say, "Doya needa bag?" You try. "Doya needa bag?" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgSt5NOCrY47LrZW_KNGooA How to practice English listening skills (without spending extra time) Advanced Listening English Practice 1: Comparing Information Delivery 5 Secrets to Improve Your English Listening Skills Learn English Conversation Study Speaking Listening Reading Writing DVD 10 Eng Sub English listening exercise - Legal highs news report Learn English Listening Skills - How to understand native English speakers English Listening Practice: How to Understand Movies Without Subtitles IELTS listening practice | English listening test Common Expressions #4 (Telephoning) | English Listening & Speaking Practice Learn English Listening Skills and Practice English Comprehension with Online Tools English Speaking Practice: How to improve your English Speaking and Fluency: SHADOWINGPronunciation + Listening Practice in English! English Conversation 01 English Conversation - Learn English Speaking, Learn English Vocabulary 4 [English Subtitle] English Conversation 03 English Conversation Learn English Speaking English Subtitles Lesson 01 English Conversation - Learn English Speaking, Learn English Vocabulary 1 [English Subtitle] English Conversation Learn English Speaking English Course English Subtitle Part 1 English Conversation - Learn English Speaking, Learn English Vocabulary 3 [English Subtitle] English Speaking Practice Title1 English Conversation Practice - English For Kids conversation - Kids Movies Spoken English Speaking Practice Part1 English Conversation - Learn English Speaking, Learn English Vocabulary 1 [English Subtitle] English Conversation - Learn English Speaking, Learn English Vocabulary 3 [English Subtitle] English Conversation - Learn English Speaking, Learn English Vocabulary 7 [English Subtitle] Learn English Vocabulary - Directions [English Conversation] Learn English Vocabulary - Occupations Part 1 [English Conversation]
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