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Months of the Year Song - Billy Gorilly Kids TV Sing, Laugh, and Learn! Join Billy Gorilly and his pals as they learn the months of the year in this new cartoon video. Sing along and imagine all the exciting things to do during the year. Learn the month names, numbers, seasons, and fun facts about the number twelve. Just say the magic words "Silly Gadilly Gabilly Gorilly" Produced & Directed by John Maellaro Tamara Maellaro Executive Producer Charles Hardman Music - Story - Animation John Maellaro Art Direction - Graphic Design Tamara Maellaro Illustration - Character Design Joshua Perry Character Voices John Maellaro Charles Hardman Tamara Maellaro Music Performed By The Candy Appletree Trio Dedicated to Charles Hardman (1934 - 2014) See more videos at Billy Gorilly Kids TV on YouTube: Subscribe to get all the latest free videos: Join us on FaceBook: Follow us on Twitter: See what's new on Pinterest: Get printable worksheets: Billy Gorilly Songs on iTunes: Billy Gorilly Songs at Amazon: Billy Gorilly Podcasts on iTunes: Billy Gorilly Blog: Billy Gorilly website:
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