1st Person Daily Actions 10: Kids ESL English Conversation pt.2 for Children by Pumkin,.com

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Xuất bản 21/08/2015
http://pumkin.com/ has a complete online English learning course with more videos, kids games, basic English quizzes, tests, downloads, and more. • This English video teaches "What do you do at [time]?" dialogues. • Study English 1st person conversations in context, "I [verb] at [time]" with this funny English learning video . • Each English lesson is part of a complete beginners English Course designed to take a young English learner from beginner to the intermediate english level. • Native English speakers teach correct English pronunciation and intonation in this basic English lesson on counting and number. • Kids Online English Channel teaches Children English as a Second and Foreign Language (ESL & EFL). • A fun and effective English lesson to help kids learn Basic English Conversation Online. • Kids learn English online with fun educational videos that are effective at teaching English: visit http://pumkin.com to see more English videos plus games, virtual pets, and more.
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