Educational cartoons for children babies 1 year. Learn baby toys in English

Xuất bản 21/08/2015
Learn the names of 5 common baby toys: teddy bear, rubber duck, tumbler toy, drum, and ball. Learn to describe them with simple sentences (learn what each toy can do!). This video may be helpful for young child's speech development. Watch this cartoon and learn about baby toys in French Watch this cartoon and learn about baby toys in Russian Watch all Baby toys cartoons in one playlist: You may also like our other cartoons: "Learn farm and wild animals' sounds!" (What do the animals say) "A toy tractor and a Christmas Tree" “Learn wild animals' names with a toy train” “Learn wild animals' names with a shape sorter truck” “Learn farm animals' names and listen to their sounds” “Learn numbers and colours” “Learn shapes with a shape sorter truck”
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