Cartoon for kids - 1 hour of Louie : Winter compilation #2 HD

Xuất bản 21/08/2015
Watch Louie, children’s favorite animated series to learn how to draw! With this cartoon, kids aged from two to four will follow Louie and Yoko’s exciting adventures and practice their drawing while having fun! Subscribe to LOUIE: -- YOUTUBE : -- FACEBOOK : Louie is a educational pre-school animated TV series that teaches children how to draw! Every week, toddlers can discover full new episodes in HD of Louie and Yoko and practice their drawing and coloring skills. They will learn to draw animals, landscapes, a house or even a place. By talking directly to the children and giving them time to think and do things, Louie and Yoko encourage and actively engage the young viewers. The children become truly involved with the characters and are able to take part in all of their exciting adventures. The children are also stimulated to create the drawings from the series, at the same time as their heroes. What's more, with Louie, kids not only learn how to draw, but also understand the difference between round/square, cold/hot, fast/slow etc… In addition, after coloring their drawing, Louie takes them through the steps one more time. As seen on the BBC, Cbeebies, Nickelodeon Junior, ABC, Les Zouzous. " Have you ever dreamed of exploring an island or travelling to the moon? Or maybe you just want to hide from the rain or meet animals? Don't worry, Louie and Yoko are here! With them you will learn to draw many exciting things! Learn to draw a cat or a dog, a plane or a horse! Your imagination is the only limit!" How your kids can learn french, with new exclusives videos of Louie : Louie, draw me a Christmas Tree Louie, Sophie and Yoko have written their letters to Santa, but they realise they haven’t got a Christmas Tree. Where will Santa put their presents? Louie and Yoko draw a beautiful Christmas Tree Louie, draw me a snow plough It’s winter : Louie and Yoko meet a beaver who’s den has been blocked by the snow. Louie draws a snow-plow to help him clear the front of his den, so the beaver can get back in. Louie, draw me a Narwhal Louie and Yoko are on the pack ice. They are taking a present to Santa Claus. Suddenly the ice cracks and the present sinks into the icy water. Who will be able to fish it out? Louie draws a friendly narwhal to rescue the package from the seabed. Louie, draw me an Igloo Louie and Yoko are crossing the arctic. They find a polar bear who is seeking refuge from the blizzard. He has lost his shelter because it is covered by the snow. Louie decides to build an igloo, the best shelter to protect oneself from the snow and wind. Louie, draw me a yeti Louie and Yoko are pretending to climb up the Himalaya Mountains. They are caught out by a storm. Who can help them? Louie draws a yeti but the yeti doesn’t quite understand the rules of the game! Louie, draw me a Saint Bernard Whilst playing on a sledge with Louie and Yoko, Sophie loses her teddy bear in a mound of snow. To find it, Louie and Yoko draw the king of rescuers, a Saint Bernard dog. Louie, draw me a bear Louie and Yoko are making gingerbread, but they’ve lost their pot of honey. Louie draws a bear to help them find it. Louie forgot just one little detail : bears are very greedy, and will eat anything in their path! Louie, draw me an ibex LOUIE, SOPHIE and YOKO are preparing a show. But Sophie is struggling with her balancing act. LOUIE draws an ibex to teach her how to balance. But he is so preoccupied showing off that he can’t help Sophie. Louie draws another ibex to be her teacher.
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