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The Animal Alphabet ABC Song ~ Fun Learning for Children ~ by Natural English

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Xuất bản 22/08/2015
It is a song and animation to help children learn the alphabet and the names of animals. It also includes 26 different verbs, used in the past simple. FREE teaching materials to accompany this song are available on our website: This song is available to buy as MP3 (Audio) and MP4 (HD Video) files. Please visit: A, B, C, The Ant crawled up the tree The Bear found some honey And the Cat went back to sleep D, E, F, The Dog ate what was left The Elephant washed its head And the Frog jumped on the bed G, H, I, The Giraffe could touch the sky The Hedgehog rolled into a ball And Iguana tried to hide J, K, L, The Jaguar smelt a smell Koala chewed some juicy leaves And the Lamb skipped round the well M, N, O, The Monkey waved "Hello!" The Newt swam round the lily pond And Octopus had to go P, Q, R, The Polar bear watched a star The Quail laid a little egg And Rabbit hopped very far S, T, U, The Snake hissed out of the zoo The Toad sat under a leafy log And Unicorn neighed as it flew V, W, X The doVe built a beautiful nest The wriggly Worm dug through the earth And the foX climbed over the fence Y, Zee or Zed, The Yak shook its head The Zebra ran around with his friends And then he came over and said, "Thanks for singing along To the Animal Alphabet song!" Copyright © 2013 Tamsin Ambrose. All Rights Reserved.
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