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Job Interview Tips 2 - You're Hired | Learn English | British Council

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Xuất bản 16/08/2015
Practice exercises: After firing WebWare's sales director and advertising the new post, Phillip Hart and Marcia Boardman discuss the applications and decide on an interview format. Transcript Philip Hart: So, how many applications did we get, Marcia? Marcia Boardman: Well...overall we've got over two hundred... PH: That many!? MB: Yes, but...most of which we can discard right away...people who don't have the right experience, qualifications that kind of thing... PH: Of course... MB: ...and then we get the people who submit ten-page-long CVs, or CVs in comicbook font, or green ink, or they attach a photo of themselves disco know the kind of thing! MB: So, I whittled down the serious candidates to a shortlist of twelve people. PH: And we'll interview all of them? MB: I think we should -- but obviously I'll let you have a look first. PH:, who have we got then? MB: Well, I think we've got some pretty strong candidates, two in particular... PH: They have the right kind of profile? MB: I'd certainly say so -- a strong educational background, experience in multinational sales, language skills... PH: Good, I look forward to meeting them. MB: So I'd say we do the standard interview format.. PH: Sure.. MB: A few general questions, then onto specifics... PH: Yes, exactly -- I want to hear specific details of when they've solved problems... MB: Yes and then something about "vision", as you put it... PH: Yes...what do you think about a brief presentation? MB: I think that's a good idea -- we could ask them to give a short presentation on where they see the company going -- and how they see themselves taking us there. PH: Great! You know something? I'm really looking forward to this! To get this and many other great audio and video series on your phone or tablet, with interactive audioscripts, keyword glossaries and comprehension exercises, download our "LearnEnglish Audio & Video" app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play (
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