What are Mass Nouns? - English Grammar lesson

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What are Mass Nouns - English Grammar lesson Mass nouns are uncountable by a number. Mass nouns are quantified by a word that signifies amount. A few examples: Materials, food, metals, and natural qualities: bread, cotton, wood, lightness, adolescence Names of liquids, gases, and substances made of many small particles: cappuccino, oil, smoke, oxygen, rice, sugar, salt, cement, gravel Names of languages: English, Spanish, French, Latin, Sanskrit, Chinese Most gerunds: looking, listening, swimming, running, anticipating Remember that a number can not be used to quantify a mass noun. Incorrect: four woods, one rice, three courages. To measure or classify mass nouns, use "of" after a measurement: a foot of wood, a pound of rice, an ounce of courage, a bar of chocolate, a piece of music, a bag of money. Important points to remember while using Mass Nouns: Mass nouns are quantified by an amount rather than a number. They have only one form (singular). They cannot have "a," "an," or "one" before them as modifiers. They can use "much" as a modifier.
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