Using 'Myself', Yourself, Ourselves, Themselves Correctly - Reflexive Pronouns - Grammar lesson

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English Grammar lesson - Reflexive pronouns ( Using 'Myself', Yourself, Ourselves, Themselves Correctly) Using 'myself, yourself.....' correctly. A lot of people are unaware about the usage of Reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves and themselves). In this lesson, you learn about Reflexive and Intensive pronouns and their correct usage. Reflexive Pronouns : are used to reflect on the subject. Example : Lisa gifted herself a new watch on her birthday. ('herself' indicated that she gifted herself and none of her family or friends gifted her) Example : He cut himself with a sharp knife.  Intensive Pronouns : are same as reflexive pronouns but their usage is slightly different. They are used to emphasize. Example : Peter washed the clothes himself. Example : Peter washed the clothes. In the first example, 'himself' emphasizes that Peter did the work by himself and no one helped him. The second example means the same, but 'himself'  can be added to emphasize.
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