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Learn how to use the words this, that, these and those with this English grammar lesson. These words are used as demonstrative adjectives and sometimes simply as demonstrative pronouns. We use "this" to refer to nouns (objects or people) in the singular which are close to the speaker and "these" for the plural. For nouns far from the speaker, "that" is used for the singular and those in the plural. For actions in the present or the near future, we use "this", for example, "This meal is nice" (during the meal). But for actions which have finished and in the past, we use "that". Example talking about a football match: "That match was great yesterday." We always use "this is" when introducing ourselves and other people. At the end of the English grammar lesson about the demonstratives, I give you an exercise to test your understanding. Please answer the questions in the comments section and I will tell you if your answers are right or wrong :) More grammar lessons: Listening exercises: Vocabulary videos: Andrew, Crown Academy of English Photo credits: "Man Having Severe Headache" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Young student showing pointing down" Image courtesy of imagerymajestic | "The Brand New Laptop Is Out For Sale" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Happy Family" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Groom In Tuxedo Posing With A Bouquet" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Businesswoman Holding Shoes" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Young Businessman Who Sits On A Chair At The Top Of The Mountain" Image courtesy of pat138241 | "Handsome Guy Looking Far Away" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Cheerful Businessman Pointing Away" Image courtesy of stockimages| "Lady Looking Through Binocular" Image courtesy of imagerymajestic | "Multi Ethnic Team During Meeting" Image courtesy of Ambro |
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