The difference between 'Beside' and 'Besides' - English Grammar lesson

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The difference between 'Beside' and 'Besides' - English Grammar lesson There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the two commonly used words, 'beside' and 'besides'. They can't be used interchangeably. 'Besides' is not the plural of 'beside'. Beside :  Example 01 : He has a beautiful beside the beach. (here, beside means next to or close to) Example 02 : Richard was beside himself after his father's death. ( 'beside oneself' means 'to be to oneself' due to strong emotions like sadness, happiness.) Example 03 : That's beside the point. ( this phrase is used when you want something irrelevant or something that doesn't matter is added in a conversation) Besides : Example 01 : What do you do besides teaching? (it means 'in addition to') Example 02 : He was badly dressed for the interview. Besides, he turned up late. (it means 'furthermore' or an afterthought to what you mentioned earlier. Remember to add a 'comma' after 'besides') Example 03 : Besides John, everyone liked the idea. (here it means 'except')
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