Prepositions - 'With', 'Over' & 'By' - English Grammar Lesson

Xuất bản 23/08/2015
Prepositions - 'With', 'Over' & 'By' - English Grammar Lesson With - 1. Used to indicate being together. I ordered a sandwich with a drink. He was with his friends last nigh. 2. Used to indicate having something. Were you the one talking with an accent? I met a guy with green eyes. 3. Used to indicate using something. I wrote a letter with a pen you gave me. This is the soup I made with rice and barley. 4. Used to indicate feelings. I walked on the stage with confidence. I am emailing you with my sincere apologies. Over - 1. To indicate movement. Come over to my house for dinner sometime. They sent over a gift for this birthday. 2. To indicate downward movement. The big tree fell over a car. Can you bend over and pick the keys? 3. To indicate more than expected. The phone rang for over a minute. The money offered was over our expectation. 4. To indicate a period of time. I worked there over 5 years. I am stressed about this issue for over a month. By - 1. To indicate closeness. Can I sit by you? The post office is by the bank. 2. To indicate a passive voice sentence. The microwave was fixed by the mechanic. The flowers were delivered by the florist. 3. To indicate an action with a purpose. You can pass the exam by studying hard. I expressed my feelings by writing her a letter. 4. To indicate a method. Please send the package by Air-Mail. I came here by car.
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