PAST PERFECT TENSE | English grammar lesson and exercise

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This is an English lesson about the past perfect tense. The video starts with an example of when to use the verb tense. You will then learn the form, in particular, the affirmative, negative and question forms with the appropriate contracted forms. The affirmative form of the past perfect is made up of the subject + had + the main verb in the past participle form. "had" is the past form of the verb "have" being used as an auxiliary verb. We then look at all the common uses and meaning of the verb tense. The three main uses of the past perfect tense are: 1)To describe the first action or event in a series of actions or events from the past, 2)In reported speech when the reporting verb is in the past and the direct speech tense would be the past simple or the present perfect. Example: He said that he had liked the film. 3)In past unreal conditionals to describe an unreal situation from the past. Example: "If he had come to the party, I would have been pleased." At the end of the English grammar lesson, there is an exercise for you to complete. The accent in the video is a British English accent. More grammar lessons: Listening exercises: Vocabulary videos: Andrew, Crown Academy of English Photo credits: "Smiling Young Man With Thumbs Up Gesture" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Business Man Sleeping With Laptop" Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici | "Walking Business Man" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Excited Businessman Shouting And Rejoicing" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Tourist Dragging Her Trolley Bag" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Suffering In Pain" Image courtesy of marin | "Yipee I Lost Few Kgs. Successful Workout" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Happy Tourist Woman" Image courtesy of photostock | "Student And Bunch Of Books" Image courtesy of marin | "Teacher Instructing Student And Helping Her" Image courtesy of stockimages | "African Male Showing Thumbs Up" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Woman Waiting For A Train" Image courtesy of Andy Newson | "Its Time For Meeting !" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Multi-ethnic Team Toasting" Image courtesy of Ambro | "Teenager Girl With Opened Notebook" Image courtesy of imagerymajestic | "Young Girl Screaming Loud While Holding Her Head" Image courtesy of stockimages |
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