PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE | English grammar and exercises

Xuất bản 23/08/2015
Here is an English lesson about the past continuous tense. This tense is also known as the past progressive. In this video, I explain the past continuous form - the affirmative, negative and question forms. The negative form also has a contracted form. The past continuous affirmative form is made up of the subject, the past form of the verb "to be" and then the -ing form of the main verb (also called the present participle) An example is: "I was walking". The past continuous tense has several uses. The main use is to describe a long action that is happening around another shorter action in the past. For the shorter action, we use the past simple. An example is "I was talking to Mark when the telephone rang." We also use the past progressive tense to set the scene in a story, to describe 2 long actions that happen in parallel (the same time). I explain these uses and a few others with examples in this lesson. At the end of the lesson, there are a few English grammar exercises to test your understanding. The accent in the video is a British English accent. Video about the -ing form: More grammar lessons: Listening exercises: Vocabulary videos: Andrew, Crown Academy of English Photo credits: “Happy Business Woman Giving Thumbs Up” Image courtesy of stockimages | “Businessman Talking Over Mobile” Image courtesy of Ambro | “Smiling Business Person Communicating” Image courtesy of stockimages | “Businesswoman Holding Briefcase” Image courtesy of Ambro | “Shouting Young Boss” Image courtesy of imagerymajestic | “Shot Of A Brunette Dragging Her Strolley” Image courtesy of stockimages | “Happy Young Casual Boy Eating Pizza” Image courtesy of stockimages | “Woman Eating Cereal” by Image courtesy of Ambro | “Worried Businessman On Phone” Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici | “Family Playing Football” Image courtesy of photostock | “Shouting Manager Pointing Forward” Image courtesy of imagerymajestic | “Male Smoking Cigarette” Image courtesy of imagerymajestic | “Girl Student Reading Her Notebook” Image courtesy of imagerymajestic | “Little Girl Ready To Paint” Image courtesy of stockimages | "Teenage Girl Biting And Gesturing" Image courtesy of imagerymajestic | "Businessman Hold Hands On Temples Ears" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Business Women Pointing" Image courtesy of photostock |
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