Learn English – Multiple meaning phrasal verbs (English Grammar lesson)

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Learn English – Multiple meaning phrasal verbs (English Grammar lesson) http://www.learnex.in/multiple-meaning-phrasal-verbs-in-english Learning Phrasal verbs in English grammar can be confusing because not only are they very similar to each other, but also each phrasal verb can have two, three, four, or more definitions. In this lesson you will learn four key phrasal verbs with multiple meanings which you come across in your daily English conversation. Take –off: Meaning one: an airplane goes into the air. So when a flight leaves, we say it took off. Example: The flight to NY took off at 11 am. Meaning two: Something increases in popularity. When someone or something gains fast success, we say it took off. Example: The new café took off in its first week of business. Meaning three: remove clothing from body. It is the opposite of put on. Example: Take off your coat and relax. Meaning four: to leave a place. In this context, it is used informally. Example: After a nasty with John, Richard took off in anger. Meaning four: to stop studying or working for a period of time. Example: James was so tired of working for long hours that he has finally taken off for a week. Pass out: Meaning one: to distribute or give away Example: The teacher passed out the test to the class. Meaning two: to faint or lose consciousness due to shock, fear, nervousness and medical problem Example: After shopping in the heat, I passed out on the road. Bring up: Meaning one: to raise, care for, educate a child Example: Sarah lost her parents when she was a child. Her maternal aunt brought her up. Meaning two: to introduce a topic into conversation or discussion Example: Mike told his team, “Don’t forget to bring up the new business proposal at the meeting tomorrow.” Take out: Meaning one: to remove something from inside a place Example: I took the new mobile phone out of the box. Meaning two: to invite someone on a social encounter Example: Mike is taking his girlfriend out on a date tonight. Meaning three: to borrow. In this sense, it is used for taking out books from a library or money (loan) from a bank. Example: I took out ten library books. We hope this English lesson on phrasal verbs would help you improve your English conversation skills and speak fluent English.
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