English Grammar Lesson – The tricky - 'Some' Vs 'Any' (Learn Spoken English)

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Xuất bản 23/08/2015
English Grammar Lesson – Some Vs Any (Learn Spoken English) http://www.learnex.in/the-tricky-some-any/ In English we use the words 'Some;' and 'Any' when we are unable to specify an exact number or an exact amount. In this Spoken English lesson we will learn the different rules to use these words correctly. The rules that follow apply to words containing ‘some’ and ‘any’ such as somebody/anybody/something/anything etc. Rule 1:- In general we use some and words like something, someone. somebody in positive sentences. Example - We bought some flowers Example - He's busy. He's got some work to do. Whereas, we use any and words like anything, anybody, anyone in negative sentences. Example - We didn't buy any flowers. Example - He's lazy. He never does any work. Rule 2 :- We use some in question when offering or requesting Example - Would you like some more tea? Example - Could I have some milk,please? Example - DO you want something to eat? We use any when we mean "it doesn't matter which ...." Example - Which book shall I read? Anyone. It's up-to you. Example - Let's go somewhere. Where shall we go? Anywhere,I just want to chill. Example - Could you sing for us,please? Which song shall I sing? Any song. Rule 3:- Somebody, someone, anybody, anyone are singular words. But we often use they/their/ them after these words. Example - Someone has forgotten their phone. Example - If anyone is interested to participate in the competition they can call or visit the front-desk. We hope this English Grammar lesson will help you clear the confusion between these word. Watch all our English lessons regularly to make your English fluent and better.
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