English Grammar lesson - Errors made using 'Simple Present Tense' ( English for Beginners)

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Xuất bản 23/08/2015
English Grammar lesson - Errors made using 'Simple Present Tense' ( Learn English) Take the Quiz - http://www.learnex.in/errors-made-using-simple-present-tense/ In this English Grammar lesson, you are going to learn how and when to use the simple present tense. Learn the English tense ( Simple present) to avoid common mistakes made using the simple present tense. The verb is always in the present/base form. Example: I like chocolates. (a general taste/preference) Example: He plays tennis regularly. (a general routine or action) Example: The sun rises in the East. (general facts/universal truths) Example: The train leaves at 8 pm. (fixed schedule/time table) Example: I am here now. (not I am Being here) Example: e has his passport in his hand. ( not ‘is having’) Note: The simple present tense is used when the verbs do not go in the The Continuous form (the ‘ing’ form) Questions: Example: Is John intelligent? (no ‘do/does’ with is/am/are) Example: Does he like chocolates? (‘does’ is used for third person singular) Example: Do you wear denims? Negative: Example: He is not tall. Example: He doesn’t know me. Example: They don’t play tennis. We hope this English Grammar lesson has helped you in clearing the confusion while using the "Simple Present Tense" Cheers!!
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