Basic English Grammar with HAVE, HAS, HAD, HAVING AND MORE! Great for Fluency!!

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Xuất bản 23/08/2015
Learn Basic English grammar with four videos that I made. Go to: for many more free English lessons. You will learn the verb 'have' and how you can improve your English in the future. This is a great video to learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and so much more. There are four basic forms of have: has, had and having. It is very common in the language and it does have many different meanings. It's not good to learn every rule in English. It's much better to get a feeling for the language and enjoy your learning. For example, take a look at this video that I made about the tiny island of SABA: It is about travel and learning about interesting things. That's much more fun than learning rules. I made three other basic lessons, so make sure to click on them below: For the other three lessons in this series, click any of them below: or you can go to this page for all of them: Make sure to subscribe to my channel for many more free lessons! Happy learning with some of these beginning English lessons: Also, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel!! You can also find my free English lessons on the following social networks:
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