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For more cool math videos visit my site at or MATHEMATICS SECTION SKILLS General Description The Mathematics Section of the THEA Test consists of approximately 50 multiple-choice questions covering four general areas: fundamental mathematics, algebra, geometry, and problem solving. The test questions focus on a student(s ability to perform mathematical operations and solve problems. Appropriate formulas will be provided to help students perform some of the calculations required by the test questions. You may use a four-function (, , , ), nonprogrammable calculator [with square root ( ( and percent (%) keys]. See (The Test Session( on the current THEA program Web site, ), for more information. Skill Descriptions The Mathematics Section of the THEA Test is based on the skills listed below. Each skill is accompanied by a description of the content that may be included on the test. FUNDAMENTAL MATHEMATICS Skill: Solve word problems involving integers, fractions, decimals, and units of measurement. Includes solving word problems involving integers, fractions, decimals (including percents), ratios and proportions, and units of measurement and conversions (including scientific notation). Skill: Solve problems involving data interpretation and analysis. Includes interpreting information from line graphs, bar graphs, pictographs, and pie charts; interpreting data from tables; recognizing appropriate graphic representations of various data; analyzing and interpreting data using measures of central tendency (mean, median, and mode); and analyzing and interpreting data using the concept of variability. ALGEBRA Skill: Graph numbers or number relationships. Includes identifying the graph of a given equation or a given inequality, finding the slope and/ or intercepts of a given line, finding the equation of a line, and recognizing and interpreting information from the graph of a function (including direct and inverse variation). Skill: Solve one- and two-variable equations. Includes finding the value of the unknown in a given one-variable equation, expressing one variable in terms of a second variable in two-variable equations, and solving systems of two equations in two variables (including graphical solutions). Skill: Solve word problems involving one and two variables. Includes identifying the algebraic equivalent of a stated relationship and solving word problems involving one and two unknowns. Skill: Understand operations with algebraic expressions and functional notation. Includes factoring quadratics and polynomials; performing operations on and simplifying polynomial expressions, rational expressions, and radical expressions; and applying principles of functions and functional notation. Skill: Solve problems involving quadratic equations. Includes graphing quadratic functions and quadratic inequalities; solving quadratic equations using factoring, completing the square, or the quadratic formula; and solving problems involving quadratic models. GEOMETRY Skill: Solve problems involving geometric figures. Includes solving problems involving two-dimensional geometric figures (e.g., perimeter and area problems) and three-dimensional geometric figures (e.g., volume and surface area problems) and solving problems using the Pythagorean theorem. Skill: Solve problems involving geometric concepts. Includes solving problems using principles of similarity, congruence, parallelism, and perpendicularity. PROBLEM SOLVING Skill: Apply reasoning skills. Includes drawing conclusions using inductive and deductive reasoning. Skill: Solve applied problems involving a combination of mathematical skills. Includes applying combinations of mathematical skills to solve problems and to solve a series of related problems.-Source
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