How to draw a pentagon with a compass TWO MINUTES

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Xuất bản 09/08/2016
This procedure is not too difficult, but it's hard to figure out by yourself (and it's easy to forget once you do know how to do it). This video can serve as a quick reminder, or as an easy tutorial if you pause it along each step. I hope that it is clear and useful! I shot this a long time ago, while experimenting with a different camera. Some of the more involved videos I've been working on were put on pause today, so that I could clean that nightmare garage of mine! I should have some interesting content coming up soon. In the meantime, this is an important skill, and I really wanted to have a quick access to a concise instructional for it. Chances are I will forget how to do this (again), and use this as a reference! Another deceptively difficult polygon to draw is the octagon. Steve French has recently made a tutorial for this, and it is also under two minutes: Knowing how to construct both of these polygons will be extremely helpful to the craftsperson. Compass: I have many compasses, but my favorite, most reliable, and best suited to the stuff I do is the 390 mm (around 7.5" radius) Intertech Bow Compass. I am not sponsored by this compass; this is my genuine opinion. Here are the links for it: Intertech (German manufacturer): Hearlihy (U.S. distributor):
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