Indian Contract Act Business Law Vocabulary for CMA CS CA Online Recorded Satellite Video Classes

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Xuất bản 20/08/2015
Subject:-Law. Contract Act. Business Law. Mercantile Law. Topic:- Law Vocabulary Faculty:- CA Padma Jain Ex SRCCian, Law and Audit Expert CA CS CMA Video Classes Satellite online Classes video lectures and online Satellite Lectures by GOLD MEDALLIST CA M K Jain Purchase FULL Set of DVDs which Contain VERY VERY VERY VERY..... LARGE NUMBER OF SOLVED QUESTION VIDEOS along with Ebook. All This is MUCH MUCH MUCH ...... BETTER than FACE to FACE Classes. Demo Video Lectures and Video Classes for CA CS CMA B.Com, M.Com Student, 12th Class Students, 11th Class Students, BBA Entrance, MBA Entrance. We Provide CA Video Classes, CMA Video Classes, CS Video Classes, B.Com Video Classe, M.Com Video Classes, BBA Video Classes, MBA Video Classes Full Set of Video Classes and Video Lectures for CA CS CMA B.Com and M.Com are available. For Details 1. SMS to for CA VIDEO CLASSES and CA VIDEO LECTURES for CS VIDEO CLASSES and CS VIDEO LECTURES for CMA VIDEO CLASSES and CMA VIDEO LECTURES 2. SMS:- 99901112455 3. Visit 4. More Demo Videos on our Channel 5. More Demo Videos on our Channel 6. More Demo Videos on our Channel 7. More Demo Videos on our Channel 8. More Demo Videos on our Channel
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