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Business English lesson: describing products with descriptive vocabulary

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Xuất bản 20/08/2015
This business English video tip is about describing products. You may need to do this for a potential customer. It could be for a sales presentation or meeting or you might be writing marketing material. One incredibly important thing to remember is to use strong, descriptive adjectives and adverbs. This will add power to your presentation. It will help bring your product alive and make the presentation, sales meeting or marketing literature a lot more effective. In the video, I use an example of a review of the iPhone 6 which Stephen Fry wrote for The Guardian. You can read the full review here: For more general English or business English tips, make sure to check out our other videos: Business English coaching tip- conflict management: Business English presentations tip- starting a presentation: Business English presentations tip- ending a presentation: Business English grammar tip- uncountable nouns Business English for negotiations tip- conflict situations Business English small talk- telling an anecdote Business English coaching- storytelling Mehr Information auf Neil Collins Business English Training & Coaching Senefelderstraße 15 Prenzlauer Berg 10437 Berlin
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