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Xuất bản 20/08/2015 ► Quickly boost your income without having to rely on supposed experts -- with online business courses that have real-world strategies and tools you can use immediately -- often with little or no money. The Videos and Action Guides in these online business courses show you everything you'll need to attract, sell and retain your most profitable customers. Our online business courses are based on one of the most powerful marketing programs available today -- that over a thousand people have attended with rave reviews. They show you exactly how to attract, sell and retain your most profitable customers. You'll learn: how to identify those customers who are the most profitable and easiest to sell; the simplest and most direct media to reach these people, plus how to design killer messages that get results -- for your talks, your emails, your ads, your websites and web pages, and more. And unlike many online business courses it also covers nine key areas: - 1. EASY MARKET RESEARCH -- where you evaluate your customers and competition -- to generate the highest and fastest profit with the least effort and cost; - 2. CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION -- where you divide your customers into strategic groups so it's easier to turn them into buyers; - 3. PRODUCT POSITIONING -- where you design the most effective image and pricing for your product or service; - 4. PRODUCTS and SERVICES -- where you examine what you're offering to make sure you get the greatest short term and long term profits; - 5. IDENTITY and PACKAGING -- where you select the name, packaging, logo and presentation that will attract and sell the most customers -- and even the way you dress if you're selling a service; - 6. ADVERTISING and PUBLIC RELATIONS -- how to use free and paid tools to get customers to buy from you; - 7. SALES PROMOTION -- the extra push that gets people to buy now rather than delaying; - 8. DIRECT SELLING -- where you learn how to make a presentation that closes the sale; - and - 9. DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS -- all the different places you can get buyers to find you and buy from you, from stores to sales reps to distributors and partners to the Internet to direct marketing to the government and more. Most people who have attended our programs find this to be among the best online business courses you've ever experienced. But don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself. Come to our site and see the free videos with tons of valuable tips you can use immediately. Sign up for our free membership and you'll also get access to checklists and templates that make it easy to find the best marketing techniques for your own business. And if you decide to use our marketing programs, you'll also get instant access to one of the most powerful marketing programs available today. No longer will you have to struggle with others telling you what they think works. You'll suddenly know for yourself how to get customers, how to get them buying and how to get them coming back over and over again. This is state-of-the-art training, tools and strategies that apply whether you are a novice or an expert at marketing, You'll find this easy to understand and quickly apply -- regardless of the size and type of business you have. If you're looking for online business courses that will help you build your income and your business, quickly and simply... Check it out now by clicking the link below or going to the shortcut . If you found this tip helpful, subscribe to my free newsletter and awesome eBooks with just about every marketing tool you'll need to get customers and create a quick-start marketing plan, using the link below. I've also got some amazing videos coming up, including a technique you can use to funnel loads of customers from other businesses to yours. Once you subscribe, you'll have access to the growing collection of videos, demo files, templates, and cheat sheets which are available to all free subscribers. Check it out now by using the shortcut,
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