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Brand New Video Marketing Of Alliance in Motion Global In Youtube. Learn how to make money, understand the business, understand the product, understand the system. Its not about RETAILING. Its not about RECRUITING. Its about the SYSTEM. Come and join us as we expand GLOBALLY. Alliance in Motion Global Inc., is a pure Filipino Owned Company. The owners are not Business Man. They are a Professional Networkers. Who Made There Billions from Scratch and Put up the Company to HELP Pilipinos and Other people around the World to have a BUSINESS of there own with a very small of Capital or Investment to become a distributor. The Key to SUCCESS of Alliance in Motion Global is the PRODUCT and the very Generous Marketing Plan that covers 6 Major Ways to Earn. The Product came From NATURE'S WAY of Utah USA. 200 Medical Doctors and Scientist Formulated the product called C24/7. C24/7 is a PURE ANTIOXIDANTS that comprises 22,000 PHYTO-NUTRIENTS. Combination of 12 Different Kind of Whole Fruits, 12 Different Kind of Whole Vegetables, 29 Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, 18 Amino Acids, 14 Super Green Foods and Sipirulina Blend, 12 Mushrooms, 12 Digestive Enzymes, 12 Specialty Nutrients, 10 Essential Fatty Acids, 4 Anti-Aging Antioxidants Enhancer, 4 Longevity Polyphenols - Resveratrol. Pure WELLNESS products are Distributed by Alliance in Motion Global.It is a Body Total Immune System Enhancer, Cancer Protection and Cellular Protection. Want to know more about the Product and Business. Email or Contact me : esparasraymondi@gmail.com esparasraymondi@yahoo.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/esparasraymondi
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