Marketing Skills - Learn These 21st Century Marketing Skills or Go Broke

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Xuất bản 20/08/2015
Marketing Skills Marketing Skills for the 21st Century Require Internet Marketing Skills marketing skills Have you taken your marketing skills into the 21st century. How successful have you been? Are your clients returning for more? If not, you should think about getting up to speed on some much-needed marketing skills. Here are a some suggestions that are critical for attracting clients, building relationships and improving profits in today's world: Marketing Skills Tip #1 - Social Media Nearly everyone is on Facebook and Twitter these days. If you aren't promoting your business on one of these sites, you've got 5 years of catching up to do. Get started and ramp up your social media presence and create a social media marketing strategy. According to a 2011 study conducted by Experian Marketing Services, businesses that posted at least once a day reach at least 22% of their targeted audience per week. That will definitely convert to increased revenues and increased profits. Marketing Skills Tip#2 - Blogging Blogging has been proven to be an outstanding tool for businesses. It drives traffic to your site, allows people to become familiar with your products and services, and helps build customer loyalty. Leads generated from your blog will often convert to sales. Posting to your blog on a consistent basis not only shows that you're active in your communications and dedicated to giving your clients added value, but it also improves your ranking in the search engines when you keep your content current. Marketing Skills Tip#3 - YouTube As you polish your internet marketing skills, don't forget to focus on the video arena. After Google and Facebook, YouTube is the 3rd most visited site online. People watch an incredible amount of video for research as well as entertainment. Not only will a properly executed video strategy strengthen your brand, but you may find your YouTube videos ranking right up there on the Google front page as well. Marketing Skills - The 4 Stages of Internet Marketing Watch this video to learn about the 4 stages every marketer goes through when developing their marketing skills marketing skills,marketing skills resume,marketing skills list,skills for marketing,skills needed for marketing,marketing manager skills,internet marketing skills,sales and marketing skills,skills required for marketing,marketing job skills,online marketing skills,network marketing skills,marketing skills needed,list of marketing skills,learn marketing skills,what are marketing skills,good marketing skills,basic marketing skills,skills needed in marketing For additional marketing skills training got to
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