Learning to Speak Marketing - An introductory lesson by Arthur McKeown

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Xuất bản 20/08/2015
The courses we teach on and run have to be marketed and sold in order for them to happen. Managers from a teaching background tend to have little in the way of business knowledge and be mystified by, if not a little suspicious of this process. This session introduces some of the key concepts in modern marketing and several ways in which they are used to help managers make decisions about new products, new courses and new ways of responding to opportunities that have been spotted in the environment where they work. Arthur is a management educator at the University of Ulster but with a background of more than fifteen years as a teacher, teacher trainer and manager in EFL. He has developed and implemented a wide range of training courses in business and management communication skills, working with major international companies and is coauthor of Professional English in Use MANAGEMENT, from Cambridge University Press.
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