"Customer Experience Management Essentials" (E-Learning Marketing Business Course)

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Xuất bản 20/08/2015
Get a 50% Discount on my eLearning Customer Experience Course: http://bit.ly/19UOMTn With this E-learning course you will learn to create a Customer Journey Map, measure Customer Loyalty, and increase the overall Customer Experience. Don't waist any of your money on an expensive Business Administration or College Degree. This educational program will guide you through all the essentials such as Touch Points, NPS, Key Driver Analysis, Your Mobile Website, Email Marketing, Social Media and discuss some case studies from Apple, Nespresso, Virgin Atlantic and IKEA. As an Entrepreneur in CRM and Feedback Management I have consulted for different organizations within the Events, Retail, Small Business, Healthcare & Hospitality Industry. For more information, you can take a look at www.hawqrate.com If you have any questions or remarks, please contact me on roel@hawqrate.com
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