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Learn how to cold call fast and effectively with this free interactive training. Created by ------INSTRUCTIONS----- For Video: - make sure YouTube annotations are ON (for click-able interactivity) For Learning: - watch the video - read the cold call training manual - work through the exercises in the cold call training manual - test your knowledge by watching the video again - repeat until you get all the answers in the video and training manual correct ------------------------------- Here is a full transcript of the video and full CC (Closed Captions) are available. -------START VIDEO TRANSCRIPT-------- [Sarah] Welcome to ITEL Marketing's interactive cold calling tips. In this module you will learn the basics of cold call scripts. [Sarah] As part of this training, I will make a cold call to a marketing manager, during which, you will have to guess what I'm going to say next. At the end of each section, cold calling tips will be displayed [Brian] Hi this is Brian [Sarah] Good morning Brian. My name is Sareh from ITEL Marketing. We are a top lead generation company and today I am calling marketing managers such as yourself to educate them on new lead nurturing strategies [Sarah] Have you ever outsourced your lead nurturing before? [Brian] No we haven't [Sarah] This month we are offering a one hundred percent free trial of our lead nurturing service [Sarah] We will be in your area next week, if you are interested, I could arrange for one of our marketing specialists to meet with you for half an hour to explore how lead nurturing can help grow your business? [Brian] That sounds interesting. Is lead nurturing the same as lead generation? [Sarah] Lead nurturing is much more sophisticated than lead generation. Our marketing specialist can explain it in detail when she meets with you. How is Tuesday 10am next week for you? [Brian] Sounds good [Sarah] While I have you on the phone, may I ask you a few questions so that when our marketing specialist meets with you, she understands your situation? [Brian] Sure [Sarah] How many lead generation campaigns do you run a month? [Brian] We run two lead generation campaigns a month [Sarah] Thanks so much for your time Brian. Please expect a confirmation email from our marketing specialist, regarding the meeting with her. Have a good day ------- END VIDEO TRANSCRIPT ------
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