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What is biomedical science?

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Xuất bản 18/08/2015 This video produced by students at De Montfort University talks about some aspects of BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE. This is a subject offered at most UK universities and explores the human body in health and disease. It is laboratory based, and students experience a number of modern techniques for diagnosing, analysing and monitoring the treatment of disease. Biomedical science would suit anyone with a fascination for the human body. Biomedical science degrees are usually 3 years and full-time. Some are accredited by the professional body - Institute of Biomedical Science - which governs the subject content and level of competency required by the graduates. Not all courses are accredited and they will differ between institutions depending on the research expertise of academic staff. Here are two final year students talking about their degree experiences, one of whom has gained practical experience from a hospital laboratory during the course of his degree.
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