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The Riemann Hypothesis: How to make $1 Million Without Getting Out of Bed

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Xuất bản 18/08/2015
Mathematics is patterns and logic, imagination and rigor. It is a way of seeing and a way of thinking. Math Mornings is a series of public lectures aimed at bringing the joy and variety of mathematics to students and their families. Speakers from Yale and elsewhere will talk about aspects of mathematics that they find fascinating or useful. The talks will usually be accessible to students from 7th grade and up, although occasionally some familiarity with high-school subjects will be helpful. Math Mornings lectures will occur on three Sundays each semester at Yale University. The third lecture for the series was given by Yale Mathematics Professor Alex Kontorovich on December 2, 2012 who spoke about "The Riemann Hypothesis: How to make $1 Million Without Getting Out of Bed." Please see for further information about Math Mornings and for a list of other free Yale STEM outreach programming and events.
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