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Information Technology: Lecture 6 Part 2-2 (6/26/2014)

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Xuất bản 18/08/2015
Information Technology: Professor Vasarhelyi Lecture #6 Part 2-2 Process Mining Please visit our website at Time Stamps: 00:00:13 Edgar 00:10:15 Clicker Questions 00:21:11 Process Mining 00:33:33 Remote Audit 00:40:33 The Role of Documentation within an Organization 00:43:01 Predictive Audit: Transaction Status Prediction 01:03:36 Results and Analysis 01:08:59 Data Description 01:12:39 The P-Rule Professor Vasarhelyi continues this lecture by illustrating how to use Edgar online and giving student's in-class clicker questions. He proceeds to discuss process mining and the Predictive Audit: Transaction Status Prediction. The lecture is concluded with an explanation of the P-Rule. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and get the latest updates on the RU digital library.
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