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The Burning Issue: Right to Die

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Xuất bản 18/08/2015
In a humane society, should it be legal to help those who are suffering terribly to end their lives? Emily Jackson, professor of law at LSE, tackles this provocative issue in a public lecture entitled 'Right to Die'. Professor Jackson looks at how the law deals with the issue of assisted dying. While there is an absolute prohibition on assisting someone to kill themselves in the UK, Jackson shows that the line drawn between lawful and unlawful practices which may lead to someone's death, is not clear cut. She asks whether the law draws the line between the right place. The lecture is the second of LSE's 'Burning Issues' lectures -- a short series of interactive talks, designed to showcase the social sciences to a non-academic audience. In the first lecture, 'Parasites -- enemy of the poor', Professor Tim Allen questions the effectiveness of our fight against one of humankind's most endemic invisible enemies. In the third and final lecture, Professor Conor Gearty will ask what human rights are in 'The DNA of Human Rights'. The Burning Issue Lectures are supported by the LSE Annual Fund and Cato Stonex (BSc International Relations 1986). Watch on the LSE website -
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