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Lecture 1 - Analytical Chemistry and Chromatography for Graduate Students - Professor Peter Carr

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Xuất bản 18/08/2015
Extraction System, Multiple Batch Extractions; Quantitation in Chromatography: Width, Plates, Height, Area; Resolution, Peak Area versus Height of Overlapped Peaks General Elution Problem; Peak Capacity and Giddings-Davis Statistical Overlap Theory; Extra Column Broadening, Volume, Time Constant, Peak Shape, Peak Moments. Detector broadening, Foley-Dorsey eqn, Nonlinear isotherm (overload) effect on peak; Overview of Peak Broadening, Van Deemter, Reduced Variables; DYNAMICS (Giddings Random Walk); Finish Diffusion, Overview: Resistance to Interphase Transfer, Flow Dispersion. Intro Random Walk; Random Walk Model of Longitudinal Broadening and Slow Interphase Mass Transfer; DYNAMIC (Open Tubes); Eddy dispersion, Intro to Capillary; Introduction to Capillary; Spreading in Capillaries, Aris-Taylor Broadening-1; DYNAMICS (Packed Beds); Mass Conservation and Eddy Dispersion; Mass Transfer Broadening, Film, Internal and Kinetic Terms; Axial Dispersion. Overview of Retention; Mechanisms, Intermolecular Interactions; Intermolecular Interactions; Regular Solution Model in Chromatography; Snyder Solvent Triangle, Rohrschneider Scale, Kamlet Taft Solvatochromism; Solvatochromism and Gas Chromatography-I GC-B; Gas Chromatography, Reversed Phase Basics; Multi-Dimensional Chromatography; Limits of Performance and Speed in Chromatography; Normal Phase chromatography; Ion Exchange Chromatography; Size Exclusion Chromatography; Capillary Electrophoresis; Capillary Electrophoresis; Capillary Electrophoresis-III METHOD DEVELOPMENT; Method Development in GC and HPLC QUANTITATION and DETECTORS; Quantitation and Standardization; Detection in Separation Science
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