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TOEIC Part 2 - FULL LISTENING TEST #3 (with Answers & Transcripts) | New TOEIC

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Xuất bản 22/08/2015
Entire test of TOEIC Part 2: Question-Response. 11. When is the deadline for the assignment? (A) To pay the amount by the due date. (B) Yes, it’s already past 5. (C) You have until the end of the week to do it. 12. Why did you congratulate your colleague? (A) At the awards banquet. (B) Yes, she was very motivated. (C) She just received a special promotion. 13. What time are we going to the stadium? (A) We will leave right after lunch. (B) The game will last three hours. (C) Yes, I’m a big sports fan. 14. Do you want me to ship you the incomplete orders or give it another week? (A) I want to place an order immediately. (B) Just send me what you have for now. (C) If you have enough time. 16. Can you send me some money by Tuesday? (A) The bank closes early today. (B) In cash, if at all possible. (C) Of course, even sooner than that. 17. Ms. Perez is the new owner of the company, isn’t she? (A) No, she’s meeting a friend. (B) She owns a small cottage. (C) Yes, I think she is. 18. Where did you hear about the job offer? (A) I couldn’t hear a thing. (B) The offer expires at the end of the month. (C) A couple of my friends work for the company. 20. Why wasn’t I notified of the changes in plan? (A) Not until next week. (B) I just found out about it myself. (C) You are very kind, thank you. 21. Who will be paying for the accommodation while you are in town? (A) I'll be staying at a hotel. (B) The company will be covering all the expenses. (C) Please sign up for collision coverage. 22. When can we expect to receive the invoice for the new product brochure? (A) Apparently, it was quite a while ago. (B) It was billed directly to my office. (C) Let me ask my supervisor. 23. How much discount applies to this dishwasher? (A) Include shipping and handling charges. (B) We’ll deduct 30 percent. (C) Great, that makes it a real bargain. 24. Did the board members approve your proposal? (A) May I ask for your permission? (B) It proved to be totally unreliable. (C) I’m still waiting for it. 25. What do you think about the blueprints for the new facility? (A) I’m really impressed with them. (B) We’re out of copy paper. (C) In order to facilitate our move. 26. Why don’t you email your order directly to the store manager? (A) Let me see if I have his address. (B) On the back of the directory. (C) They are listed in chronological order. 27. Shouldn’t we ask our lawyer to draw up a new agreement? (A) Always read the fine print carefully. (B) Our contract is fine as it is. (C) Because of some minor errors. 28. Where should I submit this invoice now that Mr. Lee has resigned? (A) Until we find his replacement. (B) Just hold on to it for a while. (C) He handed in his resignation yesterday. 29. The training program for the Microtech software was really thorough, wasn’t it? (A) Yes, I understand it quite well now. (B) I distributed it to every department. (C) Only after thorough testing. 30. Let me reassure you that we have the strictest quality control standards in the industry. (A) Oh, how convenient! (B) Yes, I’m well aware of the fact. (C) Qualified candidates are rare to find. 31. Would you please change the toner cartridge in the photocopier this afternoon? (A) But I changed it already this morning. (B) Ten cents a copy. (C) All of the lines are busy. 32. Do you know what’s on the agenda for the next meeting? (A) Quarter past 10, I believe. (B) Just the usual topics. (C) My travel agent in San Francisco. 33. Be sure to mail the invitations before noon. (A) That won’t be a problem. (B) At the post office. (C) I’ll take your name off the mailing list. 34. Where are you planning to stay on your visit to Boston? (A) For about two weeks. (B) I wouldn't bet on it if I were you. (C) At a Bed and Breakfast that I know. 35. Was your flight delayed by the weather this morning? (A) I don’t know whether they arrived or not. (B) Yes, she always arrives late on Mondays. (C) Yes, I thought I’d never make it on time. 36. How long will it take to get to the airport from here? (A) It depends on which time of the day you’re traveling. (B) Not more than three months. (C) Not before long. 37. Would you like to pick up the paycheck in person or should I mail it to your home? (A) The new personnel manager. (B) Yes, I like the way it is now. (C) I’ll try to drop by this afternoon. 38. You’ve chosen some candidates to interview for the position, haven’t you? (A) I’ve already applied for the job. (B) None of them look very promising. (C) We are still waiting for their press release. 39. Do you have a room reserved for Ms. Sonya Rodriguez? (A) Tonight’s performance is sold out already. (B) No, there’s nothing under that name. (C) Yes, she checked out this past Friday. ------- CORRECT ANSWERS 11.C -12.C -13.A -14.B -15.B -16.C -17.C -18.C -19.C -20.B 21.B -22.C -23.B -24.C -25.A -26.A -27.B -28.B -29.A -30.B 31.A -32.B -33.A -34.C -35.C -36.A -37.C -38.B -39.B -40.B
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