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[TOEFL iBT Listening Tests 2015] NEW TEST 15 - With Answers & Transcripts

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Xuất bản 16/08/2015
Practice these TOEFL iBT listening tests to help you score high in the TOEFL Listening Section. Check the correct answers and audio transcripts below. This video is in the series of NEW TOEFL iBT Tests 2015. Listen to part of a conversation between a student and a university employee. Employee Oh, hello . . . can I help you? Student Um . . . yeah . . . I’m looking for Professor Kirk, is she here? I mean, is this her office? Employee Yes, you’re in the right place—Professor Kirk’s office is right behind me—but no . . . she’s not here right now. Student Um, do you know when she’ll be back? Employee Well, she’s teaching all morning. She won’t be back until . . . let me check . . . hmm, she won’t be back until . . . after lunch. That’s when she has her office hours. Perhaps you could come back then? Student Oh, unfortunately no. I have class this afternoon. And I was really hoping to talk to her today. Hey, um, do you know if . . . she’s accepting any more students into her introduction to biology class? Employee You want to know if you can take the class? Student Yes, if she’s letting any more students sign up, I’d like, I’d like to join the class. Employee Introduction to biology is a very popular class, especially when she teaches it. A lot of students take it. Student Yeah, that’s why the registrar said it was full. I’ve got the form the registrar gave me, um, with me to get her permission to take the class. It’s all filled out except for her signature. I’m hoping she’ll let me in even though the class is full. You, see I’m a senior this year, and uh, . . . this’ll be my last semester, so it’s my last chance . . . Employee Oh, wow, really. I mean, most students fulfill their science requirement the first year. Student Well, I mean, be honest, I kept putting it off. I’m not really a big fan of science classes in general, and with the labs and everything, I’ve never quite found the time. Employee Your advisor didn’t say anything? Student Well, to tell you the truth she’s been after me to take a class like this for a while, but I’m double majoring in art and journalism and so my schedule’s been really tight with all the classes I gotta’ take, so somehow I never . . . Employee [politely cutting in] Well, perhaps you could leave the form with me and I’ll see if she’ll sign it for you. Student You know, I appreciate that, but maybe I should explain the problem to her in person . . . I didn’t want to do it, but I guess I’ll have to send her an e-mail. Employee Hmm. You know, not all professors check their e-mails regularly—I . . . I’m not sure if Professor Kirk does it or not. Here’s an idea . . . Why don’t you stick a note explaining your situation under her door and ask her to call you if she needs more information? Student Hey, that’s a good idea; and then I can leave the form with you—if you still don’t mind. . . . Correct Answers: 1. D 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. B
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