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TOEFL speaking question 5 part 2 (4 samples)

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Xuất bản 15/08/2015
These are 4 sample questions for the TOEFL ibt speaking section. As you probably already know, the speaking test is divided into 6 sections and this video deals with question number 5; problem sloving. In this question, you are asked to listen to two students (usually a man and a woman) discussing solutions to a given problem. The problem is usually related to life on a university campus with some rare exceptions. But no matter the nature of the problem, your job is ALWAYS the same. There is no way you can be startled by this question. The question is often worded in the following way The students discuss two possible solutions to the man/woman's problem. Describe the problem and state which of the two solutions you prefer and why. I personally think this is one of the easiest question in the whole test. You may disagree with me, but let me tell why I think it is an easy one. First of all, unlike the first two questions, you don't need to be creative. You don't have to come up with something intelligent to say or share something personal. Indeed all the material is provided for you. All you have to do is listen to the conversation, take notes following a very simple pattern and then decide which of the two solutions sounds the best. Once you have selected the solution, all you have to do is state the advantages of the solution and perhaps the disadvantages of the other solution, which by the way are all provided in the conversation. It is important to note that you MUST NOT come up with a solution of your own. The question clearly stipulates that you have to select one of the solutions provided in the conversation. What you can do though is to come up with additional reasons to support your choice, but it is not a requirement. Remember, this is a language test, nobody actually cares about whether or not your solution is the best. All they care about is how well you can deliver your thoughts in ENGLISH... Anyways, here is how I advise my students to structure their notes. 1: The Problem: _____________________ 2: Solution 1: ______________________ 2.1: The advantages_______________ 2.2: The disadvantages____________ 3: Solution 2: ______________________ 3.1: The advantages_______________ 3.2: The disadvantages____________ 4: My opinion: 1 or 2 4.1 My 1st reason _________________ 4.2:My 2nd reason _________________ And that's it... Just make sure that you get all that info while you are listening and preparing you r answer should be much easier. Here is how the speech should actually be presented 1: State the problem briefly: 5-10 secs 2: State the best solution: 5 secs 3: State your first reason 10 secs 4: Provide an example/detail 10 secs 5: State your second reason 10 secs 6: Provide an example/detail 10 secs 7: make up a cute conclusion 5 secs There is no way you can fail the organization part for that question if you follow that pattern. NOTE Of course, the judges expect you to summarize using different words than those used in the conversation. That is when all those synonyms and paraphrasing skills come in handy. So make sure you keep the content, but change the words. Good luck Here is the link to the PDF speaking scoring grid It will give you a good idea of what they use to grade you
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