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PreSchool Starter Pack - iPhone/iPod Touch App

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Xuất bản 15/08/2015
Preschool Fun Pack for the young. Built for developing imagination! Take your kids on a magical learning exploration with Toby the Doggie. Delight your child by popping balloons and making a rainbow! Make learning fun and exciting with the Preschool Fun pack. Sparkle your child's development with engaging graphics and vivid colors. Kids are sure to have fun with colors, shapes, patterns, sequencing, comparison, matching and more! This pack is perfect for the little fingers and growing brains. Engage your little ones with fun filled learning at home, in a classroom setting or on the go. Inspire imagination, thinking skills and learning while having fun!! FEATURES - Activities and games that teach kids about colors, shapes, sizes, matching, differences and more - Adorable animated doggie plays along - Easy menus and navigation for the preschoolers - Stimulating sounds and voice recordings - Enhanced and colorful graphics - Confidence inspiring good job rewards ACTIVITIES & GAMES IN THE PACK Pop balloons: Thrill your child by popping balloons of matching color Fun with Black & White: Experience the difference of colors Make a rainbow: Choose colors and make a rainbow Fill color: Fill color with Toby of his choice Shapes Matching: Match math shapes and shapes of tress, animals, fruits, butterflies and more! Sequencing: Learn big and small, compare and pop balloons in the order of size Identify the hidden animal: Pick the hidden animal that matches
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