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Mult-e-Maths Toolbox - repeated addition

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Xuất bản 15/08/2015
Year 2 lesson with the Mult-e-Maths Toolbox - repeated addition Rebecca Kirk, Year 2 teacher, Rushey Green Primary School The interactive whiteboard provides concrete and visual representations of mathematical ideas that make them easier for children to understand. Demonstrating how to tackle the problems using familiar materials means the new technology can be linked seamlessly with traditional approaches. Oral and mental starter: this sets the scene with a familiar activity, away from the IWB, that everyone can join in with. Main teaching: Using the images as a concrete representation of ideas, the teacher is able to shift the focus to a more abstract level, thereby raising the level of challenge. Differentiation is thus embedded within the lesson. Pupil activities: Children practise and consolidate their understanding of the concepts using objects and models matching those used on the whiteboard. The familiarity of the materials helps the children to work independently and collaboratively.
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