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English Lessons: ROBERTA (present simple tense)

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Xuất bản 15/08/2015
IMPORTANT: These videos have been updated and are now available as an iBook, allowing the teacher complete control over the playing/pausing of the video and consequently the timing of the lesson. See for details: ROBERTA Grammar: Present Simple Tense (+/-/?) - 3rd person Level: Beginner. False Beginner. Pre-Intermediate (revision). Movie time: 11.32 Approximate lesson time: 45 mins. (TEACHER: Remember, it may occasionally be necessary to pause the video). Lesson: Students must ask 18 basic Present Simple Tense questions about a woman's general life and daily routine. They then see how much information they can remember. INTERACTIVE ENGLISH GRAMMAR The aim of these lessons is to allow teachers to drill basic grammar in interesting and realistic ways. These are not self-study materials. They have no audio content. They are designed for teachers, whose role is to elicit basic grammar-focused controlled dialogue. The lessons should be used to supplement other coursework (reading, writing, listening etc.). The lessons are designed to be used for group teaching in classrooms with an interactive whiteboard, however they can easily be adapted for use in other contexts (individual lessons using an iPad, for example). A complete list of the videos for teachers can be found at the Download the digital book Interactive English Grammar: PDF Version of the digital book Interactive English Grammar: PDF: About This Book:
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