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Knowing Your Numbers Is Key To Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

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Xuất bản 19/08/2015
Want Me to Help You Create a Mid-to-High Six Figure Flipping Business? If so... Join our next LIVE webinar training by click on the link below. :-) Here's What You're Going To Learn: - The "4 Growth Stages" EVERY investor ought to know before scaling their business to 7 figures. - A story about doing LESS of what you DON'T enjoy and making more (gain your "time freedom"). - The step-by-step formula to create a mid-to-high six figure flipping business you'll love. - Case study of a simple marketing strategy that brought in $429,050.46 flipping houses - And I cover 2 more case studies of what "really works" today in flipping houses (no fluff) and much more! Make sure to share, comment and like this video. ------------------------------------------------ Want to Learn How We Made $12,512.35 Flipping Houses Using Craigslist With ONLY 15 Hours Of Work? Go To: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Flipanese TV] Episode 8 -- Knowing Your Numbers Is Key To Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor Welcome back to Flipanese TV -- This week the topic is "Knowing Your Numbers" as a real estate investor and what you need to know. What is the importance of accurate real estate values and knowing your numbers? Comps, or comparables, are regarded as one of the single-best tools in determining a home's value. and sadly, that being said, not many investors know how to do it correctly -- don't mind the slip up in the video - English is my second language :) Read entire blog here ---------------------- What The HECK is "Flipanese TV - Language of the Flip"? ---------------------- It's a name of Chinese Soup, I'm totally kidding :) It is a show created to help new, old, and anyone who is looking and/or interested in learning about how to invest in real estate. In a nut shell... I got really sick and tired of all the fluff'ed up reality tv shows talking about how "easy" it is in the real estate flipping game. This show is dedicated to the folks who want to do there first deal, take there game to the next level, and/or just any who is interested about real estate investing. Leave a comment about your toughest question on real estate investing and we will answer them for you every Tuesday! ---------------------------------- WHO IS CAPITAL REDEVELOPMENT GROUP LLC Website: Blog: Capital Redevelopment Group is private residential and commercial real estate investment group that is dedicated to a unique balanced investment approach. Together with our investor, we acquire distressed assets at a fraction of current market values. Our team of experts specialize in purchasing distress properties at a fair price and reselling them at fair-market. We achieve this objective by acquiring deeply discounted residential, commercial, and fractured residential developments. This aggressive, yet strategic approach enables us to bring ordinary investors extraordinary results. ---------------------------------- Would You Like Higher Returns And A Better Alternative Than The Stock Market? Make money in a much safer vehicle than the stock market or traditional investing. Earn higher yields and be in control of your money through Private Mortgage Lending. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW ---------------------------------- Make sure to subscribe to our channel and connect with us.
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