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Vclog 1- High school placement test

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Xuất bản 28/06/2016
So, this is my first Kanichiwa Basu Video. It is pretty crappy so.. enjoy! [ I am kind of quiet at time and then really loud. Then the lighting is bad in my room so I am very sorry] Last untold story (Note: the end of the video has a quote that says I have no patience for longness) Dana, Brandy and I were walking down the alley taking Emo pictures [figures] and some fat guy walks out.. He was all like "Hey punks, you like messing with my dog?!" We were just a tad confused. He told us he would beat the crap out of us. Then the retard called the cops on US! Note: we just pointed at his dog. He said we threw snowballs at him. So the cops basically told us he was crazy and we should go home. Fun, huh? Music (in order): 1. Chobits Theme- "let me be with you" 2. Pitaten Theme- "Wake up angel" 3. Dance Dance Revolution- "Bumble Bee"
funny school test High pictures placement cops snow spin brandy brookers